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24/7 Hotline

You can always call our 24-hour crisis line at  704-690-0362. There is always someone here to help, 24-hours a day 7 days a week.


Anson County Rape Crisis Center (ACRCC) is a branch of ACDVC . The target populations for ACRCC specifically are victims and survivors of sexual assault.

ACDVC/ACRCC offers the following services that relate directly to sexual assault:

  • 24-hour safe, non-judgmental and confidential crisis line
  • 24-hour safe, non-judgmental and confidential counseling
  • Hospital accompaniment-health advocacy
  • Court accompaniment-legal advocacy
  • Liaison with victims and all systems in our community;
  • Emergency transportation
  • Sexual assault advocacy
  • 1-1 sessions with clients
  • Our advocates are here to help. You will talk to a compassionate, non-judgmental and caring person, all information is confidential.

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